New products

One of our company’s main objectives is developing and introducing new products considerably different from those already in production.

Our target is demonstrating mushrooms’ nutritional and bioactive ingredients. That is achieved through constant research, by elaborating new production procedures and by modernizing our production lines.

In order to achieve the desired result, we need to follow the steps described below:

•           Clarification and substantiation of the origin of requirements (including legal or regulative ones) concerning the development of new products or methods (market research, competition study, quality and cost improvement, modernization – increase of productivity, energy saving, specialized periodicals, Internet, etc.).

•           Product study, taking into account all requirements mentioned in the previous paragraph, analyzing competition data (if any, such as samples) and seeking alternatives.

•           Elaboration of standard, after the laboratory has confirmed the identification.

•           Pre-estimate of cost (raw materials, special equipment, package materials, etc., as well as both human and machine working time required.


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